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Meet Jewel, who did not like men or children.

When Jewel was a young adult, she had been rehomed due to her unpredictability with men and some children.

Being a high-energy bird dog, she had put that energy to use in many unacceptable areas, living in our “human world”.

When she was adopted into her new home, her new owner started the program on getting her on the road to success.

What We Did

Jewel was lucky to be adopted to a home with a committed new owner who was willing and able to put the work in to make this be her last and final home.

We started laying a foundation with commands and quickly progressed through more advanced training. Jewel was now around men, women and children on a daily basis, and with guidance from her new person, she quickly replaced her unpredictable behaviors with new friendly behaviors.

I can confidently assert that Anna has been instrumental in transforming my dog into a obedient family dog that is loved and adored by all! I recently adopted a high energy bird dog due to her aggressive behavior towards children and general dislike for men. She had developed several bad traits in her young age and through the adoption, I was put in contact with Anna and she responded with enthusiasm and confidence. She is trainer extraordinaire!

Thank you Anna,


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