How are you able to help without being with the dog in person?

Anna has over 20 years experience working with clients and their dogs in their homes (over 6000 dogs). With this amount of hands on experience Anna has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and therefor is able to assist in coaching the dog parents achieve their goals. The focus of Anna’s work has always been to assist the dog owners in becoming “the focus point” and the leaders to their dog and assisting with this is easy for Anna to do remotely as long as she has the information of what is going on, goals and general personality of the dog; which are all part of the sign-up process. She understands that each dog, household and what motivates each dog is different with each client she works with. Anna tailors the techniques to set each dog up for success.

 How does it work and what is the cost?

The cost varies depending on the duration of the session. Once you order your session(s), you will be contacted confirming your scheduled consultation time.

 When are sessions available?

Sessions are available Monday – Friday morning, daytime and evenings. Occasionally weekend spots are available upon request.

Does the dog need to be present/active during the appointment?


Is there a guarantee?

There can never be a guarantee for an animal’s behavior, including dogs.

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