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Ico & Shinji

Meet Ico and Shinji, sibling rivalry to the extreme.

Ico had been the only dog for 3 years and when his people decided to bring home Shinji, a 8 week old puppy, things went bad in a hurry. They kept them apart due to Ico’s aggression towards the new dog. Each time they would try to bring them together it would end badly. Ico also had changed his demeanor from a happy dog to a sad, depressed dog, which would immediately change to extreme aggression when bringing the two dogs together. After 4 months of this, Ico and Shinji’s people contacted Anna for help.

What We Did

We immediately started working on hierarchy and leadership and motivating Ico to take a different position in the pack, as well as associating Shinji as a positive addition. As Ico started to relax and be more happy, so did everyone else. Ico and Shinji finally became best friends with no more aggression or fights. We are happy to report: they have now lived happily together for several years!

“Its been about 1 month since our first session and the change in our household is a dream come true!!! - We knew it would take some time for our adult dog to acclimate to having a puppy in the house, but – after 4 months of doing everything separate, we knew we needed help and contacted Anna. Anna is masterful at teaching humans how to interact in clear ways with their dogs for a successful outcome.

After our first session, we started applying the techniques she had instructed and within 2 days of these new routines, Ico was starting to change, becoming more happy and relaxed.

Our dogs can now be in the same room together, in the yard together and we can even leave them alone in the house together without any problems! Thank you Anna! “


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