As a Veterinarian, Breeder and Dog Owner for 25 years, I find that when I
attend her lecture – I learn several new things about dog behavior.

-Dr Torgerson DVM

Anna has a way of letting us into the minds of dogs, then explains how our
human behaviors, habits and signals contribute to the dogs behaviors.
She is always able to answer dozens of questions following her seminars
from the participants. We really appreciate Anna’s seminars and all the
bene9its that come to dogs, because of them.

-F. Brawner, Mud Bay

Our two English Setters, Rainy and Cheyenne, just graduated from Anna's Basic Obedience Class, and it is hard to believe how far they have come. They have made huge improvements in their leash walking, and it is now a joy instead of a chore to take them for a walk! Just as importantly, they are learning to come back to us reliably when off leash, something that seemed impossible until we met Anna! They have also learned to sit, lay down, and stay consistently using verbal and hand signals.

We never would have been able to train our dogs successfully without Anna's extensive knowledge and experience. She she gave us the tools to continue to work with our dogs to make them even more tuned in to us, and therefore more reliable in following our commands.

It was a great pleasure to work with Anna, and we cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who wants effective training for their dog! We will definitely be continuing on with the Advanced Off Leash course!


-Randy & Michelle V

When we picked up our 8-week-old Shiba male "Shinji" in December 2012, we knew it may take some time for our 4-year-old male Shiba "Ico" to acclimate to his new buddy, but after four months of doing separate *everything*, we were beginning to despair that they could be friends. The two times we'd tried to allow them to interact, it had gone badly, and Ico was still showing agression (he thought he was being sneaky about it!).

After Anna's *first* visit, she'd met and observed the dogs and had asked enough questions to determine that my husband and I hadn't been clearly establishing the placement of each dog in our pack. She gave us a list of behaviors and routines that we could adopt, AND she helped us walk them *at the same time*, which changed our lives that very day. Within one or two days of using these new routines, our older dog Ico seemed 3000% happier, with an upward tail and open alert face, rather than the sad, mopey face we'd been seeing for four months.

Anna is masterful at teaching *humans* how to interact in clear ways with their dogs so we can all get along :-). What we appreciate most about Anna is that she will watch us interact with our dogs and coach *us* to use small changes in body language or vocal commands, and she'll let us practice until we get it right (Notice I say "us", not "our dogs." As most dog owners find out, it is *we* who need the training!).

It has been a little over a month since Anna's first visit, and the change in our household is a dream come true! Our dogs can be in the same area, inside or outside, and we can leave them for short periods without any drama whatsoever. They've even ridden in the backseat of the car together, no problem! We have hope that things will continue to progress, and that Ico and Shinji will eventually be playmates and true buddies.

We also know that we'll continue to use the techniques that Anna has taught us for the rest of our future with our dogs.

Thanks to Anna, we have a happy and peaceful future to look forward to!

-Deanna S. Bothell, WA

Thanks again, Anna! Moxie finally was 'road tested,' and behaved beautifully! A dog broke out of its yard while we were out walking, and ran up to Moxie barking. Moxie started to be defensive, but calmed down when I told her to 'leave it'. She allowed the dog to sniff her, then they actually touched noses before the lady came to get her dog. Moxie was so proud and excited over her adventure. Three months ago it would have ended in disaster! She pranced all the way home! I have also been working with her to look both ways before crossing the street! She's now a dog with many 'jobs!'

-Fai D. Snohomish, WA


Just wanted to say thank you for your help with Kenda. Its so much nicer at our house when the Mail man, UPS, Fed EX or any deliver truck comes! Like a breath of fresh air. We are also happy with Romeo's progress, it makes me so happy to see him run around like a normal social dog!!! thanks again Anna!

-Jennifer M. Mill Creek, WA

Dear Anna,

Words cannot begin to express how incredibly grateful I am for all of your help with my girls. I was at my wit's end with Lilli's separation anxiety, and I was convinced nothing was going to work. You showed me just how wrong I was. More than anything, I (and my pups) appreciate your gentle, positive approach to training. I was so relieved to learn that punishment and fear were not going to be necessary!

It is evident right away how much you care about dogs, and I was incredibly touched by how you learned about each of my girls' personalities and unique needs. In fact, you were able to point things out about them that I had yet to tell you. I think it was your ability to be in tune with my dogs that made their training go so well. 

Finally, thank you for your patience with me. It has been a challenging couple of months and I haven't been able to do the training with quite the fidelity I should, but you worked within my limits and were quick to answer any questions I had when I called. So much gratitude for that!

Thank you again!

-Valarie S. Edmonds, WA

Anna took on the difficult challenge of an older alpha male being usurped by a young female with an equally strong and mischievous personality. She bonded with both Spike and Mika immediately, and literally had them eating out of her hands within minutes of meeting them, in response to her gentle commands. Of course she showed us how to deal with occasional spats, knowing it’s the owners, not the dogs who needed training. During a visit to cure Spike’s incessant barking on a small boat in a quiet lake, she quelled the noise within a matter of minutes. Her ministrations are nothing short of miraculous.

-David and Dorrie, Mill Creek, WA

I recently adopted a high-energy bird dog due to her aggressive behavior towards children and general dislike for men. She was not yet one year old but had developed several bad traits. As a bonus during this adoption, I was given Anna’s name and number to contact for guidance.

Upon calling and discussing my situation she responded with enthusiasm and confidence. Anna took the time to understand my desires, family situation and general environment of my dog. Anna outlined the course for the sessions, which was understandable and logical. As we progressed rapidly through the sessions Anna was very willing, and able, to provide extra assistance and ideas for the additional behavioral problems that plagued my dog.

I can confidently assert that Anna has been instrumental in transforming my dog into an obedient family dog that is loved and adored by all. Anna has been readily recommended to any dog owner I know that I know needs help with their dogs.


Anna Bolick worked with my dog and I over several weeks time and helped make a huge difference in my life concerning my dog. I have a stubborn and sometimes aggressive dog who was having a lot of difficulty knowing and accepting who was the boss; and I was having difficulty establishing myself as master. Anna worked with us on many specific commands. She taught me how to work with my dog to achieve these commands in a relatively short period of time. She was also a invaluable source for basic concerns such as licking dishes in the dishwasher, jumping up on people, and most importantly how to handle aggressive behavior.

Anna has a very gentle and effective way of dealing with animals that inspires submission. She never raised her voice or got angry (two former standby techniques for me) with my sometimes very stubborn dog and yet had complete control when working with her. This helped me to see that there are more effective and respectful ways of training a dog. Her method of dealing with my dog’s behavior has truly inspired me to be a better dog owner. I now feel in control because of the knowledge that Anna has shared with me, and the tools that I have gained from my time with her.


Thank you so much for your wonderful training. When we were in despair about being able to train Nisqually to be a polite dog, able to deal with other dogs, you showed us how to positively train her (and us) to be less anxious and more at ease with the world around us. Your positivity is infectious and shines through in your work and your love of dogs is evident in all you do. Nisqually adores you and she has learned so much with your direction. Thank you a thousand million times.

-Joan and Doug and Nisqually

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Anna as a person or her incredible insight with animals. She is one in a million and you will not find anyone that will give you more knowledge and understanding on how to have the best dog you could ever have and enjoy. We wanted a one on one trainer to help with our two dogs and she taught us and them more than we thought there was to know. It is pretty unbelievable!

I do hope you have the opportunity to work with her. She is such a lovely person and incredible with animals.


From potty training to obedience, you’ve helped me train my puppy to become an absolute gem. I realize now it’s not the pet, but the pet’s owner that truly needs the training. With a little time and consistency, Lily has become a wonderful addition to our family. Understanding dogs and why they act and react the way they do has opened my eyes and made it much easier with training. Thanks to you and your “canine instincts”, Lily is a joy to behold. I appreciate all your help and “doggy-know-how”. You’re the best!!

Ring and I are so grateful we found you! Sage and Winston have made such wonderful progress and so have we!! J The most important issue to us was finding a way for other dogs to be safe around Sage. We honestly felt that she may not be able to pick-up good habits, - but she did (IS)!!! Sage doesn’t exhibit the same aggressive fervor (off leash) that she once did toward other dogs – she seems much more relaxed (probably because I am, too). She loves learning and pleasing us seems to actually make her happy (you can see it in her step/demeanor)!! Though we still have on leash aggression work to do, the fact that she can be around other dogs off leash and not display her dominant growl right away, is a miracle to us! J AND…..she and Winston have not fought once since we began training with you! We have a peaceful house now!!

We are SO proud of Sage (because we know that Winston only had to participate in training because of his sister) and continue to praise Sage and Winston whenever they do something we ask. ~ Even Ring gets into the ‘high pitched happy voice’ now. ~ It really is amazing how little we have to do to have good doggies! We never realized a simple “Good job” would result in such positive behavior – in such a big way. Oh, and Sage no longer runs in front of cars!

It sounds so cliché, but working with you changed our lives. We’re actually ‘proud’ dog owners now. J



I received reference to your company by my Veterinary office in Lake Stevens, and I have told them how wonderful you are.

We came to you with out 2 year old Golden Retriever, who was rowdy, rough, unruly, and down right lived up to his name: Rascal! He jumped on my eight year old and his friends and generally scared people with his over-exuberance to be friendly. He also had some problems with getting the message on potty training. I was not sure that obedience training was what we needed, but the vet seemed to think that we had a smart dog who just needed guidance.

Your love of animals showed from the first visit with us. There was no show of friendliness - you undoubtedly love the animals deeply. This goes a long way in my book. Rascal took to you immediately, and with a few lessons, we saw a difference in him quickly. We learned many things that have helped us to deal with and relate to our dog, too. I didn't ever think I knew everything about dogs, but I was surprised at just how much I really didn't know!

It is heart-warming to see my 65 pound eight year old son give commands to that 90 pound dog and see Rascal comply so willingly. It is just amazing. Matthew is more willing to play with his dog, now that he has some control, and this companionship is just what Rascal needed. Matthew's friends are also no longer afraid to play with Rascal, which is nice, too. We have gained so much more than just a better behaved dog. The only thing that would make his behavior better is if we took more time to work with him, as you have suggested. We have, admittedly, not given as much as we should have, since this has been an exceptionally busy few months for us. Still, the work we have done with you and with Rascal has paid off in Spades!

We are so appreciative of you and your talents. We will miss you terribly, after having you visit us just about weekly for a couple of months.

-Sincerely, Margaret

Richard and I want to thank you for the wonderful and successful training you did for our Springer Spaniel Millie.... and for us! Millie always responded so positively to your presence and your training style.....and you gave us so many tools to continue to reinforce her lessons as she matures. We appreciate all the insights you shared with us and we love the door knob bells...they work like a charm! She is only nine months old and is very well trained..... even for a puppy!
We would highly recommend you and Paws With No Flaws to other dog owners. We are so thankful that you were recommended to us by friends who were equally thrilled with your services. You deserve every award you have won.
Thanks again and take care.

-Maureen and Richard

After our 16 year old dog Mandy passed away, it was with anxious trepidation and excitement that we decided to bring another dog into our family. Mandy was my husband’s dog originally for 8 years before I joined them and was an absolutely wonderful and extremely smart dog. However, she also had some serious behavior issues that affected our ability to leave her with others and take her on our many road trips. Because of these issues, we both agreed that our next family member would be trained to handle these, as well as many other situations.
In March, we brought our new Labrador puppy Hailey home from the breeder. Everyone has always told me what a handful Labrador puppies can be, however I knew that this was the temperament we were looking for long term. We have been training with Anna, since the moment we brought Hailey home and I think the thing that has touched me the most is Anna’s innate ability to communicate with Hailey in a manner that is firm, yet caring. On that note, I think people must realize that her successful record with dog training is due in most part to her ability to work with us the owners, and not necessarily the dogs. For instance, my experience with puppies or dogs was very minimal compared to my husbands, and Anna has worked with us both together and Hailey to ensure we each practice the commands and training consistently, however also with our own personalities taken into consideration. It is our commitment to practice and follow Anna’s instructions that will allow Hailey to grow and develop into the dog we always wanted.
She has an amazing ability to train, but also has a great deal of knowledge and information on how to best develop your dog for long term success. It was through Anna, that I now realize that many of the issues adult dogs have can be traced back to those formidable puppy months. She showed us how praise and not negativity will develop a happy and well balanced member to our household.
There have been many situations that have come up when I have reached out to Anna for help. For instance, as Hailey was growing and teething her biting and lunging had gotten bad enough where she could not be corrected in the middle of it. I had read not to use the kennel as punishment, however when I called Anna she said there is not reason you cannot place her in the kennel for 5 minutes to calm her down and let her out again. This is just the reassurance I needed to know that there was a solution to the challenge before I lost my patience with Hailey.
I am a dog lover through and through and firmly believe that the actions and practices my husband and I are doing now with Anna, is going to lead to many happy and healthy years with Hailey. Anna knows dogs and behavior challenges of all ages. I firmly believe with her assistance and an owner’s commitment to their dog, any situation can be dealt with to ensure your family has a happy and healthy family member.
I can confidently say 100% that you and your dog will be better off with the assistance of Anna and Paws with no Flaws dog training.
-Aimee, Dave and Hailey Chambers

From the day we brought our Havanese puppy home from the breeder, her fear of everything interfered with her enjoyment of life, not to mention our enjoyment of her! Before we met Anna, we enrolled Zoe in a group puppy class and it was a failure. After the 3 week course, Zoe was even more fearful of people and dogs. My vet recommended that we work with Anna. Anna quickly helped Zoe and our family, and after our first lesson Zoe could walk by people and dogs exhibiting little fear. Zoe's improvement is dramatic thanks to Anna. Anna is a delight to work with and is a gifted teacher of both animals and their owners!
Thank you so much for all of your help with Zoe. It was a pleasure working with you. You are amazing!!!

My English Cream Retriever “Maggie” was just 10 weeks old when I hired Anna to come into my home to train ME! As I have a preschool and childcare in my home, it is important for me to have a well-trained dog. Not knowing the least bit about training I was amazed at how quickly her specific yet simple methods worked, and how much I enjoyed the sessions. Each week Anna would write down what I should practice, and each week following we added more challenges. After 6 sessions I felt I had learned enough to continue on my own. Anna has a natural talent for teaching and training – I was blessed to have found her and will most certainly use her again if anything comes up that I need to address. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANNA, her classes are FUN and RELAXED and best of all you will have the tools you need to have a WELL TRAINED DOG!