Speaking Seminars on Dog Behavior. Great for Veterinary hospitals, pet supply stores or animal shelters. A topic or several can be selected.

"As a Veterinarian, Breeder and Dog Owner for 25 years, I find that when I attend her lecture – I learn several new things about dog behavior"

-Dr Torgerson DVM

"Anna has a way of letting us into the minds of dogs, then explains how our human behaviors, habits and signals contribute to the dogs behaviors. She is always able to answer dozens of questions following her seminars from the participants. We really appreciate Anna’s seminars and all the benefits that come to dogs, because of them."

-F. Brawner, Mud Bay

From some participants:

“A very good presentation”
“Great Seminar”
“Very educational!”
“Very good tips and very well explained!”
“Great information and very useful information”
"A Very well presented seminar and Anna is great at addressing all individual questions at the end”

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