3 Sessions
This is a great 3 session course for puppies 8 weeks or older. If your are a first time dog owner, had dogs for years and just need some brushing up, or a breeder looking for a great option to include to each new dog owner, either way, it sure will get your puppy off on the right "paw" in life.
Subjects that will be covered include:

  • The importance of building a trusting and loving relationship with your new family-member, which is the foundation for any happy and well- trained dog.
  • Housebreaking
  • Chewing/Nipping
  • Not running out the front door
  • Jumping
  • Getting used to a leash  
  • Learning to sit 
  • The importance of pack structure

"Remember to socialize your dog as much as possible, especially while young, to prevent fear as an older dog." NEVER hit or yell at your dog, you will create a dog that will fear you and other humans, and also might become a "fear-biter"

"When it came time to sell our puppies, I asked Anna to provide Paws with no Flaws Puppy training to each new household as part of the puppy sales agreement. I have received only enthusiastic responses from each of the puppy's owners. Anna's commitment to every animal's welfare is both her personal and professional signature and I am grateful to her for sharing it with my family, friends and customers". - Gwynn G., Marysville, WA

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