6 sessions
Anna works individually with you and your dog and anybody else that you might want to include in the training (great family activity).

Personalized techniques are used that will most benefit your dog’s individual personality and temperament. All the training is based on positive reinforcement and keeping your dog motivated throughout the training.
Throughout this course your dog /dogs would learn to respond to voice commands and hand signals with all the commands and follow through on one command.
All the commands would be started at your dog’s individual level and then distractions would be increased and the commands would be introduced into real-life situations -in and around your home and environment where the commands will come in use.

For example: sit-stay at the front door, laying down from a distance with hand-signal only, coming when called when distracted, etc.
The course includes:

  • Sit
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down
  • Down-Stay
  • Heel (walking nicely on a leash on your side with an automatic sit when you stop)
  • Come (with a automatic sit in front of you)
  • Whistle Training, your dog would learn to respond immediately back to you to the sound of a dog whistle, that dogs can hear from a 3-4 times further distance than human voice
  • Not running out front door
  • Proper greetings (no jumping)
  • And other concerns such as Housebreaking, Barking Digging, Leave it, Begging, Food-stealing, etc.

“I am frequently asked whether choke-chains or prong-collars or similar equipment is required with the training, like elsewhere, and I have always recommended and will continue to do so, regular buckle-style flat collars of nylon or leather. I believe the success with dog training is in the techniques used, not the equipment." – Anna

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