3 Sessions

Did you just find out you are expecting or you know someone who is expecting? Congratulations, that is wonderful news  however the dog may not be so excited. 

There are certainly many stresses involved with adding a baby to the family. Making that transition easier for the family dog can make the upcoming arrival more relaxing for everyone.

The time to start preparing the dog for the baby’s arrival is as soon as you find out the happy news.

This is a great 3-session course where Anna will come to the new baby’s home and address all the upcoming changes and how they may affect your dog, preventing jealous and aggressive behaviors. Time permitting – Anna usually schedules 2 sessions prior to the baby’s arrival and the final session once the baby has arrived.

Besides working on each clients individual concerns and goals, she will also cover many others steps to help create a worry free environment for everyone.

Makes a great gift to new parents!

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